Sham Yankos Jack-Bo By Zaxx


This is "Jack". He is kept from this combination on breeder terms and lives a happy and active life with Ewa Åman and her family.
Jack is the son of handsome Zaxxon´s Exx-Zellent Elliot "Rytmi". We had the pleasure to meet Rytmi for almost a week when he and his lovely family were here in Sweden for the mating (he normally lives in Finland). And what a fantastic dog he is! Super cool in all situations! I already knew E-litter is cool dogs, but this was way over my expectations.
Rytmi's mom (Jack´s grandmom) is our own breed very special girl Becca whose mom is our foundation bitch Ninja, and Ninja's dad is Zack - our first RR and foundation dog. So, of course, a very special combination for us as all dogs above was dogs who lived with us.
Thank you so much Jonna Lentovaara & family for your trust with Rytmi and for making this possible.
Jack´s mom Kelly is a beautiful, happy and kind female with friendly dark eyes to die for! She loves to play and really charms everyone she meets. 
Thanks, Lotta Willner ShamYanko's kennel for this partnership in this litter and for believing in this combination as much as I. 

Jack is father to our I-litter born 2023 where 11 strong and lovely puppies was born 20/10. 9 boys and 2 girls. All correct except 2 boys with singlecrown.


Sex: Male
Born: 2020-03-16
Reg: SE22934/2020
Hight: 66 cm
Weigt: 40 kg
ED: free 0/0
Dental status: Correct    
Breeder: Lotta Willner, Sham Yankos kennel
Owner: Lotta Malmborg, Zaxxon´s kennel
Lives with: Ewa Åman

Laboklin test results:
Juvenile Myoclonic JME: N/N (not carrier)
Degenerative Myelopathy, DM: N/DM (carrier)
Hemophilia B: N/N (not carrier)
D-locus: D/D (not carrier of blue dilute)
B-locus: B/B (not carrier of liver)