NEXT litter summer 2023

We plan to mate Willda on her next run in Mars-April. If all goes well, the puppies will be born at the end of June with delivery at the end of August. The father of the litter will be the charming Jack. Extra exciting is that this will be a line breeding from far behind of our own pedigreedogs "Zack" SuCh Aakemba´s King Armstrong Gi´Fumo & and "Ninja" Such SvCh Shavano´s Changa Ninja. From this combination we expect healthy & happy puppies with a lot of work engine.


Sham Yanko´s Jack-Bo By Zaxx

Born: 2020-03-16
Hight: 66 cm
Weigt: 40 kg
ED: free 0/0
Dental status: Correct
BPH gunshotproof

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SEuCh SEvCh Waytogo Finest Grey Back to U´z
Born: 2019-03-13
Hight: 64 cm
Weigt: 37 kg
HD:  A/A
ED: free 0/0
Dental status: Correct
BPH gunshotproof

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