No planned litter at this time. but puppies after Zaxxon´s Exx-Zellent Elliot - Rytmi is planned during spring 2020 on kennel ShamYankos.

Rytmi's mom is our own breed special girl Becca whose mom is our foundation bitch Ninja, and Ninja's dad is Zack - our first RR and foundation dog. So, of course, a very special combination for us.
Rytmi is now 10.5 years old and lives in Finland. We had the pleasure to meet him for almost a week when he and his lovely family were here in Sweden for the mating. And what a fantastic dog he is! Super cool in all situations! I already knew E-litter is cool dogs, but this was way over my expectations. Thank you so much Jonna Lentovaara & family for your trust and for making this possible. Thanks also to my dear ”crazy” friend Charlott Willner Hellberg ShamYanko's kennel for believing in this combination as much as I - You really are a pill of happiness  Your Kelly really is a beautiful, happy and kind bitch with friendly dark eyes to die for! She really charms everyone she meets.
From this litter, we expect mid-sized healthy and happy working dogs with good self-confidence and a lot of humor.