Zaxxon´s Exx-Zellent Ezzi-Maja

  MultiCh Ahali Fani´s Akali x Zaxxon´s Princess Becca

Maja is from Becca's first litter 2009. She has a very interesting pedigree - a combination of Swedish/Australian/English/Norwegian and South African lines. Maja is kept on breeder terms and owns & lives with my sister Lena & her boyfriend Niklas. They all live just a couple of 100 meters from us, so we will surely see a lot more of them all :-) As Maja has a C on her hips she will not be a part of our breeding program. Maja is now fully owned by Lena Malmborg.

Sex:  Female
Born 2009-06-28
Reg: S-53621/2005
Hight: 59 cm
Weigt:  29 kg
ED: 0/0
Breeder: Zaxxon´s Kennel
Owner: Lena Malmborg