Zaxxon´s Princess Baby - "Mocca"

Zeptepi Maserati x Such SvCh Shavano´s Changa Ninja

Mocca is from Ninjas second litter 2005. She is the little pup master Johan in the house fell in love with.....:-) She was born with a cleft and is kept only as for as a pet dog. At the age of 10 months, her cleft was successfully operated. She´s a fantastic dog to train and work with and she is very close to us!  As you can see she is gorgeous :-)

Sex: Female
Born: 2005-08-02
Reg: S-53622/2005
Hight: 62cm
Weight: 34kg
ED: 0/0 
Breeder: Zaxxon´s Kennel
Owner: Zaxxon´s Kennel