Such Nuch

Aakemba´s King Armstrong Gi´Fumo - "Zack"

Austuch Marsabit M´Fumo x Intuch Simbashana´s Givenchy

Zack is our foundation dog. He is a combination of top Australian/Swedish bloodlines. When we got him we didn´t have any thoughts about going into breeding. But after spending time with this wonderful dog the interest started to grow. Zack has a fantastic personality, he is full of life with a fantastic sense of humor and always with a wagging tail.

We bought him in 1995. He was born at Aakembas kennels together with his eight brothers and sisters. Zack´s mother is Intuch Simbashanas Givenchy "Curry" and his father is the famous Australian male Marsabit M´Fumo "Hogan".

Sex:  Male
Reg: S-44290/95
Hight: 68 cm
Weigt: 45 kg
Hd:  ua (free)
Litters: 3
Titles: Such Nuch
Breeder: Aakemba´s Kennel
Owner: Zaxxons Kennel

Zack is the most lovely dog you possibly could own. He has a great mentality. He is very affectionate, strong and clever. He is my follower and best friend.
We have trained both obedience and tracking and of course has it been a lot of shows. Zack became Swedish conformation champion at the age of two and not so long after that he gained his Norwegian champion title. He has also been at the Swedish top-ten list for several years.
Zack is proud father to three litters and you can find him and his littermates backward in many RR-pedigrees of today. Zack is today an happy and still very active "oldie", always with a wagging tail!
My strong feelings for Zack made me choose our kennel name - Zaxxon´s.