2004-12-12 - Unfortunatly is there no puppies in Ninjas belly this time. The ultrasound showed that she was empty! 
  2004-11-09 - Ninja have been to Austria and met the handsome boy Jinda! Puppies expected in the beginning of januari 2005.  
  2004-06-17 - We have now chosen male fore Ninjas next litter. His name is Chipangalis Jinda and lives in Austria. 
  2004-03-29 - Some new pictures of Ninja 
  2004-03-23 - We plan to mate Ninja during late 2004 - more info shortly. 
  2004-03-23 - Se pictures from our fantastic puppymeeting last weekend. 
Today is our pupps 5 mounts.... HURRAY...HURRAY...HURRAY.....
Gratulations to our little "X" who became BIM at a show in Sollentuna today!
Also a big Hurray to Zack´s grandchildren Frida & Fanikio from  kennel Pendeza´s who became BIR & BIM in Oslo.
A new front picture of Arwen, and one new pict of Akilah.
  2004-02-01 - We had nice company this weekend. Bouth Akilah and Akke came and visit us!
New pictures of  Zack. 
  2004-01-08 - New pics of  X & Ailo 
  2004-01-07 : Our puppies is 4 mounths today! Gratulations to: Akke, X, Ozzy, Neo, Ailo, Kimbo, Ella, Edoras, Alice, Arwen & Akilah




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