New Christmas pictures!
Cutie Becca wishes you all a Merry Christmas...

We had a great day in "Big Town Gothenburg". Starting by visiting lovely Edoras and her cute puppies 3,5 weeks old.
Nice to see you all in such good spirit :-)
Later we meet up with Akilah´s handsome "fiancé" Lex, and little brother Maddox with mum Tina for a walk-in the pouring rain...
... the dogs really had a blast :-)
Tina's cutie "Little Maddox" won BIS-2 puppy at ÅBY show today, and Zack´s gorgeous daughter Flora became BIS-3 veteran.
Congratulation all :-)

Bosco has been on a "mini-vacation" with Akilah and her folks!
See more pictures from their happy days... :-)
Congratulations Perry & Malin to Edoras lovely newborn litter!
More info at kennel Backäckra Asadi

New front picture...
Our little Becca!

 Sundsvall KC show
We went north, up to Sundsvall on Saturday. We had Bosco and Akilah with us. Bosco wasn´t the stamp of dog for this judge, but Akilah manages to place 3d in a large open class with CK.
New front picture of our sleeping beauty Mocca! 

New pictures of Ninja, Akilah, Mocca, Becca & Gibson

Cutie Gibson takes a swim... :-)

KennelGathering in beautiful Kilsbergen.
See pictures here

Puppy pages updated with information on the sire of our upcoming litter!
"Lex" SuCh Emoyeni´s Grand Zuberi 

We have been to 2 x Sofiero show in Skåne. No great placements for us this time, but nice weather and great company :-)
See some pictures from the shows here.

CONGRATULATIONS to our lovely A-litter who turned 3 years old today!

New front picture of handsome Dempsey - father to our B-litter.
Zeptepi Maserati - Dempsey

More great score results -
From our A-litter, soon 3 years old Zaxxon´s King Aragorn "Neo" are x-rayed with hips grade A and elbows 0/0!
Congratulations Rickard!
Also a new picture of handsome Ailo on the front page. Zaxxon´s King Ailo

Happy Birthday
to Zacks "Mankoya-childs" who turns 7 years old today.

Lovely Fanta - (Mankoya´s Famous Fanta)

Great news!
Both Bosco & Becca are x-rayed with hips grade A and elbows 0/0!


Norrköping & Nyköping
X placed as 3d best male at Norrköping KC show, just missing his last CC ....(again! :-)
Akilah placed 3d with CQ in openclass. This judge didn´t like Bosco that much and gave him a 2nd prize.
In Nyköping Bosco placed 2nd with CQ in junior class. X won open class with CQ, but unfortunately no placement (or final CC :-)
Akilah had her day - and won a large open class with CQ and then placed as 5th best bitch with CC!
 See pictures from the weekend here...


Askersund x 2
We had no big success this weekend.  X did well on Saturday placed as 1st in open class. Edoras placed 5th in open at Sunday, and Baxter placed as 3d best junior with honor prize.
Our "old man" Zack - 11 years old -  was awarded the best veteran on Sunday. Ninja placed as 5th best bitch the same day.
See some pictures here...
Zaxxon´s Prince Baxter on his first official show on picture.

Ninja is now Swedish Fieldtrackingchampion!
We had a terrific day in the forest.
Ninja gained her third 1st prize in open class, which makes her SvCH. Both Bosco & Becca managed their aptitude tests.
We are very proud of our "little ones" who worked very well in the heat!

We had Bosco and X entered to the Swedish Speciality in Västerås this year.
Entered males: 57
X did great and placed as 4th best male!
Congratulations Emelie!
Bosco won the best ridge on Saturday.
See some pictures here...
Emelie & Zaxxon´s King Axe on the picture.

 CONGRATULATIONS to our lovely B-litter who turns 1 year old today!

At Ransäter show did Bosco very well today. He won his class with champion quality and placed as 4th best dog.
X placed 3d in the open class.
Congratulations also to all our relatives at Pendeza´s kennel who won both the male and bitch CC and BOB.

We are very sad to say that  Akilah isn´t pregnant - Thank you all for showing interest in this combination

2006-07-17 We have been to 3 x International show in Högbo Bruk. Read and see more here!

New pictures of our little cutie Mocca on her site

Becca & Bosco have been to the lake...

Edoras placed as 4th best bitch at SKK:s show in Borås this Saturday!
Congratulations and well done Perry & Malin!
Akilah is now inseminated with Jinda´s semen. So now we keep our fingers crossed that we will have small pups in late summer.
Ninja - how cute can one be ...

Happy Birthday
My lovely darling Zack turns 11 years old today!

New front picture and some new headshots on Becca.
3 cute girls, Ninja, Mocca & Becca

We had a fantastic weekend!
2xBOB, 2x CC, 1x BOS, 1xBIG-3 Ninja winning BOB and BIG-3

See pictures and results below SKK:s show in Vänersborg & SRRS Show in Lenninge

See some new pictures of Bosco and Becca playing in the gallery!

Results from Norway's RR-Speciality
Bosco, Becca & Ninja entered and they all got 1st prizes but unfortunately no placements.
The judge picked out both Bosco and Becca to compete about the best ridge. Gladly for us, he picked out our lovely Bosco for this!
See some pictures here!

Results from SKK:s national show in Österbybruk
Gibson entered his first official show today by winning junior class with HP.
X was 3:d in open class
Well done everyone!

New front picture of our little cutie - Becca - 10 months old tomorrow!

Zaxxon´s Princess Becca

X, Akilah, and Bosco entered at Norrköping national show. They all did well and got 1st prizes.
See some pictures from the show here!
Edoras entered at Tjolöholm show and she also got the 1st prize! Zack´s daughter Mankoya´s Famous Flora placed as 2:nd best bitch! Congratulations!

We went to a show at Larv this weekend. We had Ninja, Akilah and Bosco entered.
This was Bosco's first official show and he did great by winning his class with honor prize. Akilah placed 3d with CK in open and Ninja placed as 3d best bitch.
See some pictures in the gallery!

Edoras has made a great mental test and is found gunshot proof.
To see more pictures from Edoras MH, go to  kennel Backäckra
Gibson did well at Örebro show this Saturday. He placed 2nd. Se picture here!

Happy birthday little sweetie-Ninja!
5 years old today!

Zaxxon´s Prince Bono - Rozzo 8 monts.

See some new pictures of Akilah here...
and of Gibson here...

We have now finally decided about male to our up coming litter... Read more here!

New picture of handsome "X"
See some pictures on Mocca & Becca on today's walk in the gallery!

Bosco 8 months did great at Avesta KK:s puppy show. He won BOB & BIG-2 under breed judge Ewa Jönsson. Gibson placed 4th & Becca 2nd with honor prize.
Last weekend lovely Baxter entered his first show. He behaved absolutely perfectly, he placed as 4th best male.
Good work everyone! 

More lovely visits... This time from Nemo with family!
New pictures of handsome "Nemo" here!

We had a lovely visit from Baxter with family.
See some new pictures of beautiful "Baxter" here!
Also big congrats to Edoras babies, Vallinor & Elenya for their successful show debut today.
Vallinor BOB & Elenya BOS!
Congratulations to Perry & Malin! 

New pictures of handsome "Gibson"

Bosco & Becca entered Karlskoga show today. Bosco was the best male and BOS. Becca ended up as 2nd best bitch. They both received excellent critiques. BOB was our cousin Zaragamba´s Zoya. Congratulations!

New pictures of handsome "Nemo"

New picture of Bosco & Becca ...
Bosco & Becca winns BOB BIG-2 & BOS at Köping open show! Gibson placed 2nd with an honors prize! They all got superb critiques! We are very satisfied with that of course :-)
Judge: Anita Whitmarsh

New pictures of handsome "X"

New front picture of our lovely girl Mocca 6 months old!

Gibson won his class 6-9 months and placed as 2nd best male puppy with honor price at Sollentuna dog show today! Congratulations to owner Ewa & Anders!
New pictures of Akilah, Ailo & Gibson

New pictures of cutie "Zoya"

See some new pictures of handsome "Nemo".

More new pictures in the gallery of our dogs playing in the snow...

Ninja & Zack

See some new pictures of lovely Akilah!
Bosco, Gibson, and Becca entered Örebro mässans dog show on Sunday. No placements for the guys this time. (13 entering male puppy). Becca placed 2:d (3 enterings)
New link to Sham Yanko´s website!

Some new pictures of Becca & Mocca playing...

2006-01-15: We went to a puppy show in Västerås at Saturday. Both Becca, Bosco and Brio "Gibson" entered. This was their first visit to a show. All did very well. Gibson placed as 1st in his class before Bosco and Becca 1st in hers.
Gibson also has his own website now!
See also new pictures of Bono "Rozzo" here.

Cutie Mocca

New stacked pictures of Becca & Bosco 5 months old.
Princess Becca celebrate New Year
Happy New Year!




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