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See some new pictures of little Becca here!

We had a lovely December walk in the forest!
See the pictures in the gallery!

We had a puppy meet with the B-puppies today! 8 happy puppies with families arrived for a fun day together.
Thank you all for coming! See some pictures here

I'm very pleased to announce that Zaxxon´s King Azzar - "Ozzy´s" scores came back hips grade A and elbows 0/0. Congratulations to Cilla & Jocke!

New cute picture of Zaxxon´s Prince Brio - "Gibson"
New gorgeous head pictures of Zaxxon´s King Aragorn - "Neo"
See also some action pictures of crazy Becca....:-) Mocca has one new stacked picture here!

New front picture of lovely Dempsey - father of our B-litter.
Thank you Rosemary Throssell Kaskazini kennels for letting me have this wonderful picture!
New picture of Zaxxon´s Prince Bosco...

We have changed our web address to
New litter planned...
On picture Becca 4 months old.

New stacked pictures of  Bosco, Becca, Brownie & Baby  
Bosco, Mocca, Kakan & Becca on tour!

New front picture! 
Zaxxon´s Princess Becca & Baby with the first snow!

2005-10-23   New pictures of Bono & Balder

See some new pictures of Bosco, Brio, Baby & Brownie.
MH-results for the A-litter is now put out on each dog's site. 
Zaxxon´s Prince Bosco 11 weeks old on picture.

We have mentality tested our A-litter this weekend. We are very happy to see that all the dogs were very brave and without remaining fears!
Thank you to all the fantastic owners for taking so good care of them all!
See some pictures from the test here!

New front picture!

2005-09-23   I'm very pleased to announce that Zaxxon´s King Ailos scores came back hips grade A and elbows 0/0. Congratulations to the Ledins family!

See some new puppy pictures here!

Our puppies are now 7 weeks old!
You can see new stacked pictures of them here!
...and som mixed pictures of them here!

Akilah meet the puppies!
See some pictures here!
New stacked pictures of the puppies 5,5 weeks old here!

Congratulations to the A-litter on their 2nd birthday today!
New pictures of the B-puppies here!

The puppies are now 4 weeks old. See some new pictures of them here!
New pictures of the puppies on their first visit outside! 
Zack and Akilah have been out playing...

See also a new picture of lovely Zaxxon´s King Akke!

Zaxxon´s King Axe "X" - entered Täby show and placed 2nd in his class with champion quality.

2005-08-26    New pictures of the puppies! 

The puppies are now 3 weeks old!
Aren´t we cute!

2005-08-19    Headshots of the little ones! 

The pups have now opened their eyes and are just about to walk! (not on to stady legs...:-)
See some new pictures of them here!

2005-08-14:  Zaxxon´s Queen Aqua - "Edoras" - has been mated! Take a look at  her own homepage!

Zaxxon´s King Axe "X" won today his second CC!
At Norrköping international he managed to win the intermediate class with champion quality and placed as 2nd best male with CC and R-CACIB.
Big congratulations to Emelie and Arthur!
See new pics of X here!
BIR: Ch Rex Ventor´s Farenya - BIM: Ch Mankoya´s Great Gambo.
Breed entry 42. Judge: Mentasti Gianercole, Italy 

We were very blessed and got a bigger litter than expected - and a few more males..:-)
So, we have some promising puppies left! Are you interested in a show quality male puppy, please contact us!

Little Mocca 3 days old

Zack and master Johan on their way to Johans sisters wedding! Zack was my "stand-in" when I was home with pups!
Aren´t they cute  :-)
See also some new pics on Ninja and Dempseys pups here!

Ninja taking good care of her 2 days old pups...

Ninja did yesterday gave birth to 10 healthy and beautiful puppies! 7 males and 3 females. 9 correct ridges and so far no sinus or kinks. Mother and "little ones" are feeling just fine!
More pictures to come.....

Ninja feeling just fine!
1 week to go...:-)

Results from the RR-Speciality:
(ap. 69 bitches and 49 males entering)
Akilah placed 3d in a very big intermediate class
(19 entered) witch champion quality. Helena did an excellent job handling Akilah for the first time in an official show! Good work!
X did not have the same luck as on his last show when he took the CC, this time the judge gave him a 2:price. But he will be back...  :-)
BOB and BOS: Ch Ukukhanya Scout The Red Baron and Ch Rex Ventors Helinn. Congratulations!

We have been to Gotland over the weekend. And stunning Zaxxon´s King Axe - "X" took on Sunday his first CC and became best male and BOS. Big congratulations to Emelie and Arthur! Akilah placed as 5th best bitch on Sunday.
A lot of more pics in photo gallery.


Some of our "pups" have been to shows this weekend. First on Saturday in Avesta Akilah placed 2nd in intermediate class with champion quality and Edoras placed 4th in open.
Big congratulations also to Pendeza´s kennel (Zack´s grandchildren) to youngster Wisers cert and best male and Fogos 5th best male! (Breed entry 35)
On Sunday at SRRS show in Årsta, "X" entered up as 2nd in intermediate class with champion quality and Edoras placed as 6th in her intermediate class. (Breed entry 89)
See some pictures from Avesta here! See also some new pictures of lovely "Neo"!

"Edoras" entered Vänersborg international show, (judge John Clark New Zeeland). She placed 2nd in intermediate class with champion quality.
Zack´s grandchildren from Pendeza´s kennel did very well at this show also. "Fogo" ended up as 2nd best male with CC, and "Wiser" as a best puppy!
 Congratulations to all of you!

Akilah and Anders in inofficial agility competition! See more pictures here!

See some new pictures of lovely "Edoras"
Ninja is now inseminated! More information here!
At the SKK:s national show in Norrköping on Saturday Zaxxon´s King Axe "X" entered for the first time this year and got an honoring 1st prize. Congratulations also to our dear friends Birgitta & Gambo for BOB and BIG-1!
On the same day in Stenungsund Zaxxon´s Queen Aqua "Edoras" entered the RR Club Speciality and got 1st prize with honor's. On Sunday, also in Stenungsund Edoras entered SKK:s international show and placed 3d with champion quality in a very big intermediate class.
Good work everyone!

Se some lovely new pictures of brother and sister, Zaxxon´s King Aragorn - "Neo"  and Zaxxon´s Queen Aqua - "Edoras".
We have also a new guestbook! You are very welcome to leave a little "paw-print"....

Yesterday we entered the international show in Österbybruk. Ninja had a fantastic day by winning BOB and BIG-1, under judge Hans van der Bergh (NL) Breedentry 54. Big gratulations also to Birgitta and  "super-guy" Mankoya´s Great Gambo who was BOS!
We also want to gratulate Zack´s grandchildren for fantastic results - Pendeza´s Abedemi Funza for her first CC and a 3d best bitch placement and Pendeza´s Bahari Wiser for BOB in puppy class. Congratulations to you all!
See pictures from the show here!

I'm very pleased to announce that Zaxxon´s King Axe - "X"  scores came back hips grade A and elbows 0/0.
Big congratulations Emelie and Arthur!

Akilah, Edoras, Zack, and Ninja entered SKK:s show in Skara this weekend. (breed entry 54)
First out was 10 years old Zack who placed as 4:th best male. Not bad for an old man...:-)
Edoras placed 2nd with champion quality, in a very big intermediate class with 13 entries,  sister Akilah placed 4th in this class with honor prize.
Ninja placed as 4th best champion bitch with champion quality. Se some pictures from the show here!
See some pictures from our little "puppy meet" here!
2005-05-04 See some new pictures of our darling Zack! 

We are very happy to announce that the "magic drops from Scotland"  now have arrived.
Read more under Frozen semen.

Congratulations to our precious Ninja and her brother and sisters on their 4:th birthday today!
HURRAY.... HURRAY......... HURRAY........

Both Ninja and Akilah went to Västerås show, but no big success this time for those two lovely girls.....

I'm very pleased to announce that Zaxxon´s Queen Alice scores came back hips grade A and elbows 0/0.

Both Zack and Ninja have done their second open class tracking tests. Ninja did very well this time also and got her second first price. Zack did take me for a "long-run" through the woods after losing original track and went for fresh one instead! Maybe he thought I needed the exercise....:-)
More new pictures of Edoras can you find here.

Take a look at a new picture of lovely Zaxxon´s Queen Aqua - " Edoras".

We want to gratulate Emelie and Artur to their newest family member,  X´s  "baby sister"  - Holly!
Click here to see some new pictures of beautiful boy Zaxxon´s King Axe - "X". 

Zack´s granddaughter Pendeza´s Bahari Wooki placed as best female puppy and BOS at SKK int. show in Stockholm this weekend.  Big congratulations to Pia and Anders at kennel Pendeza´s.


Take a look at the stunning sire of our upcoming litter! More under puppies 2005.

We received some new pictures of beautiful Edoras.
Edoras did also attend the Malmo international show this weekend, she placed 5:th in her class with honor price.  (71 entered)
Also big congratulations to Zack´s grandson Pendeza´s Bahari Wiser who became a BIS-1 puppy yesterday in Kvinnersta. Well done everyone!
I'm very pleased to announce that Zaxxon´s Queen Aqua - "Edoras"  scores came back hips grade A and elbows 0/0. Congratulations Perry and Malin!

See some pictures from a lovely day in the forest!

On the international show in Norway, Bø 27/2, Akilah won her class and became 5:th best bitch with Champion quality. (breed entry 34)
Judge: John-Sigve Berg
I'm very pleased to announce that Zaxxon´s Queen Arwen scores came back hips grade A and elbows 0/0.

New picture of two very happy girls!   (Touse two sweeties are also related thru our gorgeous Zack)
 Mankoya´s Famous Flora & Zaxxon´s Queen Aqua "Edoras".
More pics on Flora's own site!  
Photo: Marie Engholm 

We had a very nice visit by Ninja's beautiful daughter Arwen today.
See more pictures here!

Both Zack and Ninja has done their first open class tracking tests,  and in grand style by gaining first prices! 

We have just made a whole new English website. We have also tried to update most old sites with brand new information and pictures.
I hope you like our new site and have a nice time looking around!

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